Investing With Ease

"Bren is more than a real estate agent, she has been a more like a business partner for me. Bren helped me secure a rental real estate property that fit my needs exactly (proximity, cost, occupancy and return on investment). In fact, she even gave me contacts in the rental market that enabled me to secure flexible financing and provided access to other professional real estate investors. Thanks, Bren!"

- John B. - Overland Park KS

Our Home Building Adventure

"See Bren.
Tell Bren what you are looking for.
See Bren run!
See Bren phone!
See Bren sitting at her computer.
See Bren talking on her phone, while working at her computer.
See Bren on her computer sending e-mails all times of the night.
Receive the lot specs from Bren.
Receive house plans from Bren.
See Bren make appointment to meet builder.
See Bren tango with the builder.
See Bren have us sign documents.
See Bren sign documents.
See Bren hand us yet more papers to sign.
See Builder squirm.
See Bren smile.
See Bren climbing through the rough in.
See Bren checking to see you get what you are paying for.
See Bren on phone with builder resolving yet another issue.
See Bren at closing.
See Bren smile as you sign your life away.
See who is at the door after you move in.
It could be none other than your friend, Bren!

Bren made the purchase of our present home a pleasure! This is our 4th home and the 2nd one we've built. I am sure if you have any experience at home buying, the Realtor you used always wants to be your best friend, until the papers are signed. Then you actually can hardly stand to be civil to them. With Bren as our buyer's agent, I can honestly say that we are and continue to be great friends.

You can not go wrong having Bren as your agent!"

- Michaela & Bill B. - Overland Park KS

Relocation Success!

"Dear Bren:

And now for a feather in your cap...
My wife and I moved from the St. Louis, MO area to Kansas City some 3 years ago. Our agent there put us in touch with Bren Stout to help us locate a home. We came to Kansas City several weekends and Bren rolled out the red carpet to show us around.

The thing we liked about Bren was that she was not pushy. She did her homework and knew what we were looking for, therefore making maximum use of her time and ours.

You can depend on Bren Stout's integrity, honesty, business savvy, and sense of humor."

- Clyde and Arlene F.- Shawnee KS

Selling & Buying!

"You are a wonderful Realtor and I would love to tell everyone about you. Unfortunately, I'm not the best writer but here it goes...

Bren gives new meaning to the word service. As our Realtor, she helped us close the sale of our old home in Lenexa. She even found a person to cart away our children's swing set.

She helped us negotiate the contract for a home we were building in Shawnee. When the builder messed up, she got us out of the contract and all of our money back. Then within a week, she helped us find the home of our dreams that we could be happy with until retirement.

Bren put in long hours and was extremely pleasant to work with. We could not have asked for a better Realtor."

- Cindy, Mark, Jessica, Phillip, and Nicole S. - OP